Nina Ledesma - Lead vocals,  acoustic guitar

Adam Enriquez - Lead guitar, back-up vocals

Ramiro Romero - Bass


Nina & The Buffalo Riders was formed in 2013 from a chance meet-up between Nina Ledesma (vocals) and Adam Enriquez (guitar) at a Detroit, MI watering hole.  Nina had a weekly gig there, and Adam…well that was his favorite bar.  After one of her shows, Adam invited Nina to a jam session to try out some original music, and the results were magic.

The rest of the boys were picked up along the way: Mike Fritz (keyboard), Ramiro Romero (bass), and Chris “Kaz” Kaszuba (drums).

NBR music is wild and free just like Nina’s hair.

“Catch them now before they go supernova. The band’s sound is bluesy and psychedelic while Nina Sofia’s powerhouse vocals are soon to be classified one of the seven wonders of the Midwestern world” (Detroit Metro Times).